Kermesse Bath Soak

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Use this bath soak if you need to breathe easier. The strong eucalyptus scent will let air flow freely as you take one breath at a time. The rosemary and mineral magnesium duo can give you relief during a crampy period, and because we like packing a punch, rose clay acts as a skin purifier in this versatile soak. Made in United States of America. 6oz.

About the Maker: Temazcal Life is a Latinx-owned, botanical personal care goods inspired by pre-Hispanic rituals. The Mesoamerican temazcal ritual was meant to renew and purify the body, mind, & spirit. Their purpose is to help people slow down, reconnect with themselves and prioritize their wellbeing, while making self-care accessible to disadvantaged communities.

Our Sustainability Practices

We believe it’s our responsibility to our planet to be as low-impact and sustainable as possible. We’ve worked hard and are extremely proud of the results of our efforts.

Recycled Metal Content

Nearly all of the metals that are used to make our jewelry come from a recycled source. Whether it be a stud earring, a jump-ring on a necklace or the plating that is on a bracelet, we’ve worked to source recycled and responsible materials.

Zero-Waste Manufacturing

Our production studio in Seattle is a zero-waste facility. We take great effort and pride in making sure that materials that are normally considered unusable by manufacturers find their way into hands of those who will use them. Whether it be recycling our scrap metals, sending small bits of gold that we have gathered for years to be re-processed or donating components to local schools who teach jewelry classes.