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Soul Sunday Apromatherapy Rollers


We carry these with us everywhere because sometimes life requires some on-the-go aromatherapy!  Each roller is formulated with a blend of essential oils derived from plants - flowers, herbs, trees, and fruit - to include in your everyday wellness ritual, wherever you go. Apply to pulse points & temples for aromatherapy benefits. In our opinion, all blends smell lovely and can also be used as a natural fragrance.

After working together in photography and film, founders Kara Kochalko and Shea Hardiman switched gears and traveled together for a few months. The inspiration from these travels led to Soul Sunday.  Named after their weekend brunches, Soul Sunday embodies the time your soul is most free.

No Worries - Bergamot, lemon and clary sage make up this fine citrus blend, to encourage the flow of creativity and a sense of well being. 

Midnight Oil - For long travel days and working late, we made an oil to stimulate and refresh our tired brains. This cooling minty basil blend helps ward off migraines and increase focus.

Even Keel - Soft lavender for peace and balance. Helps to relax nervous tension and quiet the mind for meditation and restful sleep.

Unicorn Oil - Magically harmonizing, sweet lavender and cool peppermint make you feel really good. Bestseller.

  • 1/3 oz | 10 ml glass bottle with stainless steel roller ball
  • Ingredients: fractionated coconut oil, essential oils