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LOVE WILL WIN February 16 2017

We've turned our LOVE WILL WIN sign into a postcard (available in-store only) and we will be donating all the proceeds to the ACLU.  We highly suggest using it to write your State Representative to let them know how you feel about specific policies.  
You have voice and it should be heard!  


Photo credit: @dmotif


Photo credit: @lostlaboratory


 Baleen's Billy B installing the sign in Fall 2016 - bringing joy and hope to the neighborhood.


It's heeerrrreee!! August 06 2015

The new collection, just in time for the golden hour of Summer, is here!  




Sunday Dreaming March 25 2015








Hair & Makeup: Amanda Ochoa
Model: Jessy Raisa
Photography: Linda Aguilera 

Spring's First New Arrivals! March 10 2015

Hi Friends!!!

The sun has been showing it’s beautiful face here in Seattle for the past couple of weeks! We’re personally more than ready and are welcoming the change of seasons. Baleen has been quietly working away for the past couple of months and we are ready to debut the fruits of our labor.

In this first release of new items for Spring we’ve expanded some of our best sellers and favorite designs and also added some new favorites. In about a month we’ll be following up by releasing even more exciting brand new designs. Here's a small sampling, can’t wait to see what you think!!

Study of Light & Shadow September 24 2014

Baleen just launched a brand new collection full of minimalist, modern and bold gold pieces.  
As always, everything is hand made in our Seattle studio.
We took the collection into the late Summer sun for a study of light & shadow, which we hope you enjoy!

Photography - Josie Simonet
Model - Danae Kreisher
Stylist - Katelynn Bartiromo
Assistant - Haley Blavka





























In the Wild April 18 2014

Baleen's newest arrivals recently went out into the wild for a stunning photo shoot
with a super talented Seattle-based crew. Enjoy!

Photography - Josie Simonet
Model - Katie Carr
Stylist - Kirby Calvin
Assistant - Haley Blavka
Hair/Makeup - Jamyrlyn Mallory


Gold Beam & Gold Brick Necklaces

Gold Beam Necklace, Silver Circle Ring,  Gold Wide Band Ring

Black & Neon/Gray Bangle Sets

With All My Heart January 25 2014

Wondering how to express your love AND lust in a single gesture?! Easy! Just in time for Valentine's Day......Baleen Press's newest arrival.  Hand letter-pressed by us, each one is special and unique. Just like your loved one :) 




Get your Greetings on! July 17 2013

We just added a really exciting new section to our site. Greeting Cards!!

Not just any old greeting cards. Hand letterpressed and witty as shit greeting cards!

Remember all of your favorite songs*? We made cards out of them.

Available individually or in a 3-pack.  


*not necessarily all of them

Pleased to Meet You! April 08 2013

We are Billy and Leah, of Baleen.  We decided to start Baleen because we think nice things don't always have to be expensive, or extravagent.  We also love making things for people to wear.  We hope you enjoy what you see, and that you'll come back and visit us from time to time to see what's happening.  New pieces will frequently be introduced to the line to keep things fresh and lively, and our prices will always be easy on your pocketbook.