Studio Visit from Nube Green

By William Bartels

We recently enjoyed a lovely interview and studio visit from one of our favorite Seattle stockists, Nube Green.  Ever wondered where we got our name or other fun facts about us?  If so, read on :)


NubeHow long have you made jewelry? 

Baleen: Billy has made jewelry for about 5 years now, when he started his other line of men's jewelry, Vim Beget. During that time Leah was helping and learning many of his processes too. One of the earliest pieces, which was a lengthy hand-woven chain necklace really made us excited about making jewelry.

NubeHow did you get your name? 

BaleenWe really liked the word Baleen and then realized it was a bit of a combo of both of our first names.Baleen is a whale reference and similar to some whales we "migrate", from our home in Seattle, to Maui multiple times a year to get to the warmer waters. 

NubeHow do you split your time between Seattle and Maui? 

Baleen: We usually go to Hawaii every 5 months or so and take a nice hiatus from our routine.  We are super lucky to have family (Leah grew up there) and a place to call home there.  It's generally a time for re-charging and re-focusing for us.  We do a lot of research and development and design work there.  It's such a relaxing place and ideas just naturally flow, plus we get really great perspective and come up with ideas and see things we wouldn't in the midst of our daily routine. 

NubeIt seems travel is a large part of your lifestyle and inspiration?

BaleenTravel is so important to us.  We are kind of home-bodies in general but we really need to get away and love exploring new places.  Our recent trip to Tulum, Mexico was super inspiring.  The Mayan culture and history is really interesting and we really loved being exposed to that, through the ancient ruins and cenotes we visited, and seeing art from local artisans and crafts people.