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Stockist Love: Prospect - Paia, Maui April 21 2015

Maui is our second home and we love spending as much time there are possible.  It's always re-charging and gives us fresh perspective. Our favorite area on Maui, hands-down, is the North Shore town of Paia.  There's a vibrant scene of restaurants, shops and artists, and we're super excited to be working with Prospect, Paia's newest boutique.  We love their mix of surf brands and fashion-forward pieces for both men and women, as well as inspired home wares and accessories - all in an original plantation-era building nestled right in the center of town.  We were stoked to find out more about Prospect from Mary, the shop manager and buyer:


Baleen: Where are you located?

Prospect: Paia, HI. Its an eclectic little town on the north shore of Maui. Paia was originally home to the Hawaiian sugar mill plantation workers. What remains now is a laid back small town located 1 block from the beach and is the last place you will pass through on the famous road to Hana. A lot of the original, brightly colored buildings are still in use. You will be sure to see some interesting people in Paia... from Surfers, gypsies, hippies, locals, tourists, musicians, and artists. Many call Paia their favorite place because of all its quirks! 



B: What do you sell? 

P: We carry a variety of different things from Men's, Women's, and Children's clothing, hats, shoes, sunglasses, bags, jewelry, home accessories, outdoor accessories such as; hammocks, camping gear, Penny skateboards, etc...the list is always evolving! We aim to stock unique and underexposed lifestyle brands, quality, well-established brands, and of course local companies/artists! 



B: What is the best part of managing your store? 

P: The best part of managing PROSPECT_paia is just being a part of a really cool and well respected shop. I am so proud of it! The owner, Casey, is a an awe-inspiring person to work for. Always positive and keeping the shop fresh! She has created the fun and friendly environment at Prospect that we live up to! I would say that when neighbors and locals stop by just to say hi and listen to our music, we must be doing something right! :)



B: What's your favorite Baleen piece? 

P: It’s hard to just pick one piece. Baleen is such a RAD line!!! Theres not one thing that we don’t love about it. The pieces that I can’t seem to order enough of are the teardrop bangles and wide band rings. 



B: What is your favorite ice cream flavor and/or pizza topping? 

P: Peanut butter ice cream and Veggie pizza!!!! :) 




Stockist Love: Satori - Tacoma, WA April 17 2015

Here's the behind-the-scene with our lovely stockist Satori, a beautiful shop in downtown Tacoma, WA, co-owned by couple Diamond and Andrew.  We love their attention to quality and affordability, and their great sense of style!


Baleen: Where are you located?

Satori: We are located in Tacoma's 6th Ave district, known for its nightlife and great restaurants! 6th Ave is a great area that connects multiple Tacoma neighborhoods and has an incredible community feel.


B: What do you sell? 

S: We sell women's clothing, shoes, accessories and some home wares.  We hand pick everything and look for lines that are made with outstanding quality.  People usually talk about how soft our clothing is and we work hard to get only the best things in! We also try to support local brands and lines made in the USA.  About half of the brands we carry are made in the US.



B: What is the best part of owning your store? 

S: The best part about owning our own store is being able to express ourselves through fashion and have people appreciate it.  Neither Andy or I have any professional fashion experience so it feels good to hear all the good buzz about Satori.




B: What's your favorite Baleen piece?

Our favorite piece by Baleen is the U Shaped earrings in gold. We love the simple shape and the fact that its an everyday jewelry piece you can wear day or night. They are always the first to sell out! 

B: What is your favorite ice cream flavor and/or pizza topping? 

S: LAVENDER ice cream at Ice Cream Social here on 6th ave. The best.

          Stockist Love: Raygun - Des Moines April 05 2015

          We love working with independent boutiques with unique points-of-view and their own distinct style.  For that reason, Raygun, in Des Moines, Iowa is one of the shops that's near and dear to our hearts.  We interviewed their buyer Lucy Shay for the low-down on what they're all about.


          Baleen: Where are you located? 

          Raygun: In the East Village - Des Moines, Iowa not New York city. Our neighborhood sits at the foot of our state's capital grounds. Its just a few blocks big, but we have managed to have some of the nicest shops and the coolest owners all in a three block radius.  Fun Fact :) - our shop just moved to a much bigger location and attached a coffee and cookie shop to the south side of our store. 



          B: What do you sell? 

          R: We started off as a screen printing company - printing funny shirts and band merch. Today, we still make our own line, but now add other cool brands that compliment our own. Brands we love usually are a small company with good ethics or made in the usa.



          B: What is the best part of owning your store? 

          R: Being able to contribute to the growth of a neighborhood that once was industrial and quiet and turning it into a neighborhood that is now alive with artists, small businesses and music. 



          B: What's your favorite Baleen piece? 

          R: All the shop girls are obsessed - over any of the earrings. My favorite is the long unshaped earrings, so minimal so cool. 



          B: What is your favorite ice cream flavor and/or pizza topping? 

          R: If it existed I would do ice cream-topped pizza, but sadly that might be too melty so i’d say extra cheese  - i love cheese!

          B: Touché!




          Stockist Love: Nube Green - Seattle March 30 2015

          Our latest stockist interview is with Ruth True, the founder of Nube Green, a local Seattle shop featuring US made and sustainably sourced goods. We love their selection of home goods, jewelry and apparel and their focus on eco-friendly products. A must-visit if you're coming to or live in Seattle!

          BALEEN:  Where are you located?

          NUBE: We are on The Hill (Capitol Hill in Seattle, WA) - it's our hood.  We love it here: the proximity of the park, great restaurants, and the most amazing people - seriously, people who are thoughtful, fashionable, and outrageous!


          B: What do you sell?

          N: We sell goods that are made and sourced in the US with some element of sustainability.  I started this business because I really want to support all the amazing artists in our community.  Initially, it was hard, but this current generation really understands paying for something that will last a lifetime - that in itself is sustainability at work.  And, the artisans??? The craftsmanship is truly outstanding.




          B: What is the best part of owning your store?

          N: Meeting the community and collaborating with them. We have a loyal clientele, and we try to make sure that the store stays fresh.  So, we are always out there meeting new makers and old players in our community.  For example, we just finished a collaboration with Crescent Down Works - we love having this new take on a classic vest in our shoppe.


          B: What's your favorite Baleen piece? 

          N: AHHH.... that's such a hard one.... I really like the ​Gold Cube studs; haha, I'm actually wearing them right now.


          B: What is your favorite ice cream flavor and/or pizza topping?

          N: Hands down, Eduardo Jordan's brown butter ice cream. He's opening a joint near your studio soon - Salare - supposed to open this summer. You should definitely check it out and tell him that I'll buy your first scoop if it's on the menu!

          B: Aww, thanks so much Ruth!! Our mouths are already watering, can't wait to check it out :)





          Stockist Love: Twig & Twine - Los Angeles March 18 2015

          We're kicking off our new blog series, "Stockist Love", with the lovely Los Angeles based Twig & Twine, owned and curated by floral designer Heather Williams.  T&T is one part floral shop - featuring stunning arrangements and botanicals for special events and everyday, as well as workshops - and one part retail boutique featuring artisanal goods carefully selected by Heather.  


          BALEEN: Where are you located? 

          T&T: Virgil Village but most people don't know where that is in Los Angeles so I often say the outskirts of Silver Lake or East Hollywood. We are an up-and-coming stretch on Virgil Street hopefully paving the way for more retail locations and eateries to open up. 


          B: What do you sell? 

          T: Twig & Twine is a retail flower and gift shop. We are a full service florist but also sell artisanal goods, unique gifts and home decor. Not only can you pick up a fresh flower arrangement for a birthday but also grab a small gift to go along with it. 


          B: What is the best part of owning your store? 

          T: I love the community aspect of owning a shop. My regulars are great and are very appreciative of my contribution to the neighborhood. 



          B: What's your favorite Baleen piece? 

          T: The Rose Gold U Shaped Earrings. Rose gold is my favorite and the simple yet unique design of the earrings are great.  


          B: What is your favorite ice cream flavor and/or pizza topping? 

          T: Impossible to choose just one but I can never say no to a good salted caramel ice cream.

          B: Us too!  Thanks Heather!!



          Photo credit: The Cult Collective

          In the Press: Q13 Fox News October 24 2014

          We were on the news (!), along with other great finds for under $50, curated by our lovely Seattle stockist Moorea Seal.  Woohoo!


          Twig & Twine August 12 2014

          We love our stockists, and is it any wonder when they have gorgeous shops like LA based Twig & Twine?  It's an honor for us to be featured amongst such beauty!  Here's a lovely interview with Heather, the owner of Twig & Twine.  If you ever find yourself in the Silver Lake neighborhood of LA, be sure to stop in! Here's some pics to get you excited :)









          Baleen X Poketo X Nordstrom July 10 2014


          We are super excited to be a part of the Poketo POP-IN at Nordstrom this month!  If you're not familiar with Poketo, they are a Los Angeles based boutique/gallery specializing in "art for your everyday".  It's such a pleasure to be amongst such great company!  And here's a sneak peek at our interview with Nordstrom:



          What is the highlight of your work on a day-to-day level? And overall?
          “Most days don’t go by without one of us stopping to comment on how awesome it is that we’re doing what we’re doing. We started Baleen just over a year ago and didn’t know what would happen, so we feel super-lucky to be doing this—working for ourselves and doing it together.”



          What projects are you looking forward to executing in the second part of 2014?
          “We have lots of ideas for new pieces and can’t wait to set aside some time for design and development. We’re constantly finding inspiration and love how fast (relatively) we can turn an idea into reality—and then see it on our customers. One of the things we love most about doing jewelry is that when you’re able to sit down and focus on development, it’s almost-instant gratification!”



          How did each of you come to jewelry design?
          “Billy took some classes in college and started a line of men’s jewelry about five years ago. We’re always involved in each other’s work, and we started collaborating on ideas for women’s pieces. We decided it would be fun to do something together, so we just went for it.”



          Trunk Show at E. Smith Mercantile May 30 2014

          Come meet the us, shop our current collection, drink some delicious craft cocktails, and enjoy the festive atmosphere of Seattle's E. Smith Mercantile!  This Thursday, June 5th, starting at 4-11pm.


          Studio Visit from Nube Green May 09 2014

          We recently enjoyed a lovely interview and studio visit from one of our favorite Seattle stockists, Nube Green.  Ever wondered where we got our name or other fun facts about us?  If so, read on :)


          NubeHow long have you made jewelry? 

          Baleen: Billy has made jewelry for about 5 years now, when he started his other line of men's jewelry, Vim Beget. During that time Leah was helping and learning many of his processes too. One of the earliest pieces, which was a lengthy hand-woven chain necklace really made us excited about making jewelry.

          NubeHow did you get your name? 

          BaleenWe really liked the word Baleen and then realized it was a bit of a combo of both of our first names.Baleen is a whale reference and similar to some whales we "migrate", from our home in Seattle, to Maui multiple times a year to get to the warmer waters. 

          NubeHow do you split your time between Seattle and Maui? 

          Baleen: We usually go to Hawaii every 5 months or so and take a nice hiatus from our routine.  We are super lucky to have family (Leah grew up there) and a place to call home there.  It's generally a time for re-charging and re-focusing for us.  We do a lot of research and development and design work there.  It's such a relaxing place and ideas just naturally flow, plus we get really great perspective and come up with ideas and see things we wouldn't in the midst of our daily routine. 

          NubeIt seems travel is a large part of your lifestyle and inspiration?

          BaleenTravel is so important to us.  We are kind of home-bodies in general but we really need to get away and love exploring new places.  Our recent trip to Tulum, Mexico was super inspiring.  The Mayan culture and history is really interesting and we really loved being exposed to that, through the ancient ruins and cenotes we visited, and seeing art from local artisans and crafts people.

          Talkin shop with Cairo December 14 2013

          We recently sat down with the wonderful people over at Cairo (one of our main local stockists) to talk shop.

          Spanning two states, three retail & art spaces, two records labels, and one wholesale clothing line, this amazing retailer aims to bring relevant products, experiences and connections to the communities they serve locally and internationally. Five years in, they are still just getting started.  And we are so happy to be a part of what they do!

          Read the full interview here.  Below are some shots of their beautiful shop Prism, located in the Ballard neighborhood (our hood) of Seatte.


          Likely General in Kinfolk November 09 2013

          Congrats to our Toronto stockist Likely General, for their feature in the lovely Kinfolk magazine!