Stockist Love: Prospect - Paia, Maui

By William Bartels

Maui is our second home and we love spending as much time there are possible.  It's always re-charging and gives us fresh perspective. Our favorite area on Maui, hands-down, is the North Shore town of Paia.  There's a vibrant scene of restaurants, shops and artists, and we're super excited to be working with Prospect, Paia's newest boutique.  We love their mix of surf brands and fashion-forward pieces for both men and women, as well as inspired home wares and accessories - all in an original plantation-era building nestled right in the center of town.  We were stoked to find out more about Prospect from Mary, the shop manager and buyer:


Baleen: Where are you located?

Prospect: Paia, HI. Its an eclectic little town on the north shore of Maui. Paia was originally home to the Hawaiian sugar mill plantation workers. What remains now is a laid back small town located 1 block from the beach and is the last place you will pass through on the famous road to Hana. A lot of the original, brightly colored buildings are still in use. You will be sure to see some interesting people in Paia... from Surfers, gypsies, hippies, locals, tourists, musicians, and artists. Many call Paia their favorite place because of all its quirks! 



B: What do you sell? 

P: We carry a variety of different things from Men's, Women's, and Children's clothing, hats, shoes, sunglasses, bags, jewelry, home accessories, outdoor accessories such as; hammocks, camping gear, Penny skateboards, etc...the list is always evolving! We aim to stock unique and underexposed lifestyle brands, quality, well-established brands, and of course local companies/artists! 



B: What is the best part of managing your store? 

P: The best part of managing PROSPECT_paia is just being a part of a really cool and well respected shop. I am so proud of it! The owner, Casey, is a an awe-inspiring person to work for. Always positive and keeping the shop fresh! She has created the fun and friendly environment at Prospect that we live up to! I would say that when neighbors and locals stop by just to say hi and listen to our music, we must be doing something right! :)



B: What's your favorite Baleen piece? 

P: It’s hard to just pick one piece. Baleen is such a RAD line!!! Theres not one thing that we don’t love about it. The pieces that I can’t seem to order enough of are the teardrop bangles and wide band rings. 



B: What is your favorite ice cream flavor and/or pizza topping? 

P: Peanut butter ice cream and Veggie pizza!!!! :)