Stockist Love: Satori - Tacoma, WA

By William Bartels

Here's the behind-the-scene with our lovely stockist Satori, a beautiful shop in downtown Tacoma, WA, co-owned by couple Diamond and Andrew.  We love their attention to quality and affordability, and their great sense of style!


Baleen: Where are you located?

Satori: We are located in Tacoma's 6th Ave district, known for its nightlife and great restaurants! 6th Ave is a great area that connects multiple Tacoma neighborhoods and has an incredible community feel.


B: What do you sell? 

S: We sell women's clothing, shoes, accessories and some home wares.  We hand pick everything and look for lines that are made with outstanding quality.  People usually talk about how soft our clothing is and we work hard to get only the best things in! We also try to support local brands and lines made in the USA.  About half of the brands we carry are made in the US.



B: What is the best part of owning your store? 

S: The best part about owning our own store is being able to express ourselves through fashion and have people appreciate it.  Neither Andy or I have any professional fashion experience so it feels good to hear all the good buzz about Satori.




B: What's your favorite Baleen piece?

Our favorite piece by Baleen is the U Shaped earrings in gold. We love the simple shape and the fact that its an everyday jewelry piece you can wear day or night. They are always the first to sell out! 

B: What is your favorite ice cream flavor and/or pizza topping? 

S: LAVENDER ice cream at Ice Cream Social here on 6th ave. The best.