Stockist Love: Nube Green - Seattle

By William Bartels

Our latest stockist interview is with Ruth True, the founder of Nube Green, a local Seattle shop featuring US made and sustainably sourced goods. We love their selection of home goods, jewelry and apparel and their focus on eco-friendly products. A must-visit if you're coming to or live in Seattle!

BALEEN:  Where are you located?

NUBE: We are on The Hill (Capitol Hill in Seattle, WA) - it's our hood.  We love it here: the proximity of the park, great restaurants, and the most amazing people - seriously, people who are thoughtful, fashionable, and outrageous!


B: What do you sell?

N: We sell goods that are made and sourced in the US with some element of sustainability.  I started this business because I really want to support all the amazing artists in our community.  Initially, it was hard, but this current generation really understands paying for something that will last a lifetime - that in itself is sustainability at work.  And, the artisans??? The craftsmanship is truly outstanding.




B: What is the best part of owning your store?

N: Meeting the community and collaborating with them. We have a loyal clientele, and we try to make sure that the store stays fresh.  So, we are always out there meeting new makers and old players in our community.  For example, we just finished a collaboration with Crescent Down Works - we love having this new take on a classic vest in our shoppe.


B: What's your favorite Baleen piece? 

N: AHHH.... that's such a hard one.... I really like the ​Gold Cube studs; haha, I'm actually wearing them right now.


B: What is your favorite ice cream flavor and/or pizza topping?

N: Hands down, Eduardo Jordan's brown butter ice cream. He's opening a joint near your studio soon - Salare - supposed to open this summer. You should definitely check it out and tell him that I'll buy your first scoop if it's on the menu!

B: Aww, thanks so much Ruth!! Our mouths are already watering, can't wait to check it out :)