Stockist Love: Raygun - Des Moines

By William Bartels

We love working with independent boutiques with unique points-of-view and their own distinct style.  For that reason, Raygun, in Des Moines, Iowa is one of the shops that's near and dear to our hearts.  We interviewed their buyer Lucy Shay for the low-down on what they're all about.


Baleen: Where are you located? 

Raygun: In the East Village - Des Moines, Iowa not New York city. Our neighborhood sits at the foot of our state's capital grounds. Its just a few blocks big, but we have managed to have some of the nicest shops and the coolest owners all in a three block radius.  Fun Fact :) - our shop just moved to a much bigger location and attached a coffee and cookie shop to the south side of our store. 



B: What do you sell? 

R: We started off as a screen printing company - printing funny shirts and band merch. Today, we still make our own line, but now add other cool brands that compliment our own. Brands we love usually are a small company with good ethics or made in the usa.



B: What is the best part of owning your store? 

R: Being able to contribute to the growth of a neighborhood that once was industrial and quiet and turning it into a neighborhood that is now alive with artists, small businesses and music. 



B: What's your favorite Baleen piece? 

R: All the shop girls are obsessed - over any of the earrings. My favorite is the long unshaped earrings, so minimal so cool. 



B: What is your favorite ice cream flavor and/or pizza topping? 

R: If it existed I would do ice cream-topped pizza, but sadly that might be too melty so i’d say extra cheese  - i love cheese!

B: Touché!