Baleen X Poketo X Nordstrom

By William Bartels


We are super excited to be a part of the Poketo POP-IN at Nordstrom this month!  If you're not familiar with Poketo, they are a Los Angeles based boutique/gallery specializing in "art for your everyday".  It's such a pleasure to be amongst such great company!  And here's a sneak peek at our interview with Nordstrom:



What is the highlight of your work on a day-to-day level? And overall?
“Most days don’t go by without one of us stopping to comment on how awesome it is that we’re doing what we’re doing. We started Baleen just over a year ago and didn’t know what would happen, so we feel super-lucky to be doing this—working for ourselves and doing it together.”



What projects are you looking forward to executing in the second part of 2014?
“We have lots of ideas for new pieces and can’t wait to set aside some time for design and development. We’re constantly finding inspiration and love how fast (relatively) we can turn an idea into reality—and then see it on our customers. One of the things we love most about doing jewelry is that when you’re able to sit down and focus on development, it’s almost-instant gratification!”



How did each of you come to jewelry design?
“Billy took some classes in college and started a line of men’s jewelry about five years ago. We’re always involved in each other’s work, and we started collaborating on ideas for women’s pieces. We decided it would be fun to do something together, so we just went for it.”